Your wedding’s photoshoot will encompass all the stages of your wedding day and more. The main goal of a wedding photographer is precisely to immortalize the most touching and meaningful moments that you will create as a couple, but also with friends and family. Those are the times that characterize not only the ceremony and reception themselves, but the entirety of your special day too. This way, we will be able to create a truthful and spontaneous wedding reportage which, years later, will let you recall vividly the intense emotions of your great day.

We will create your wedding’s videos in order to make you relive your special day anytime you want

Weddings’ photoshoots are often associated with footage containing the most significant moments.

Our videos will take shape as a montage of different scenes that took place throughout the whole day: we will be filming the wedding preparations and capture the most important moments before the big step; we will immortalize the religious or civil service ceremony and the most important words spoken in front of the celebrant; finally, we will film the newlyweds’ party, including funny situations and the guests that attended the event.

The goal of a wedding videomaker is precisely to capture and immortalize those particular moments that characterize not only the wedding ceremony and reception, but also the rest of the day in its entirety. That’s our way of creating the videoshoot of a true and sponteneous wedding which, many years from now, will still be able to vividly bring you back the memories of every strong emotion you felt that special day.
Your wedding video can also be edited to include footage previously recorded by the future spouses and other shots taken in every chosen location.

An exciting wedding video reportage able to tell a story of authentic moments, in all its shades and degrees, able to make you laugh and to touch you deeply every time you see it.